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WIN Digital Solutions is a part of the World-Class Industrial Network also know as WIN. Since 1993, WIN has coupled consulting, coaching, and project development services with best practices in process improvement, systems thinking, quality assurance, and change management. WIN Digital was launched from our Information Technology practice. For more than 15 years, we’ve offered progressive technology planning, solution design, systems integration, and implementation services to small and medium-sized companies, non-profits, and other organizations.


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WIN Digital Solutions assesses your digital readiness by focusing on people, processes, data, and technology to support your strategy and achieve your objectives. We give manufacturers, value-added distributors, and industrial and professional service providers the digital tools to get the job done.

Emily Adair is a partner at WIN Digital Solutions.

Emily Adair

John Werling is a partner at WIN Digital Solutions.

John Werling

Tim Marcovecchio is a partner at WIN Digital Solutions.

Tim Marcovecchio

There is no limit on how you can leverage information to further your cause. WIN Digital Solutions structures data and creates tools.

When we structure your data and create tools to collect and report in meaningful ways.

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WIN Digital Solutions knows the future of data and how to take you to that next level.
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